Keith Lo Bue's work with found objects gave rise in October of 1989 to his first solo exhibition, entitled Oddments. In the ensuing years his work has evolved into minute constructed environments, oftentimes viewed through lenses, that have been called "diminutive museums, reliquaries of dreams." (Raymond Smith) His art has been recognized and selected for awards by Senior Curators at the Museum Of Modern Art, the Guggenheim Museum and the Museum of Arts & Design (formerly the American Craft Museum). Solo exhibitions have occurred in New York City, Chicago, Baltimore, Westport, CT and several other cities.

The intimate scale of Keith's sculpture made an exploration of wearable artwork natural, and in February of 1990 this work made its public premiere in A Collector's Choice: Jewelry For The Next Decade at the Society of Arts and Crafts in Boston, MA, with subsequent coverage in Ornament magazine. Since that time interest has broadened to bring Keith's jewelry to many fine collections, including the American Craft Museum in New York. His work is featured in several books, including Susan Grant Lewin's definitive One Of A Kind: American Art Jewelry Today published by Abrams, The Fine Art of the Tin Can on Lark Books, and The Art & Craft of Collage published by Aurum (UK) / Watson Guptill (US). 1999 saw publication of the first in-depth survey of his work, entitled Romancing the Bone: Found-Object Jewelry by Keith E. Lo Bue, in Metalsmith magazine.

For eleven years Keith has been avidly teaching others to work with unusual materials. This has entailed bringing his workshop, entitled Precious Little: Poetics of the Found-Object to Haystack, Penland and dozens of other prestigious art and craft schools throughout the US, New Zealand and Australia.

Of the many collectors of Keith's artwork, Julie Shafler-Dale (author of Art To Wear), author Susan Grant Lewin, noted art historian Toni Greenbaum, actors Robin Williams and Robert De Niro, neurologist/author Oliver Sachs, musicians Laurie Anderson and David Bowie and designer Gloria Vanderbilt are included. His 'oddments' may be viewed in galleries and museums throughout the US and abroad.

The versatility of the computer as an assemblage tool has led Keith into the digital realm, where he is exploring yet another angle on found-material usage, creating imagery for the Australian Ballet, Sydney Dance Company and others.

Lo Bue lives in Sydney, Australia with his partner Irena and three children - Mira, Audrey and Miles.