Over the last five years I've been working on building environments seen through lenses, as if peering into the innards of an organic machine. ONEIROCRITICA is the most evolved of these attempts. Taking its title from the eighteenth-century dead science of "Foreseeing the Future Through Dreams," ONEIROCRITICA examines the broken narratives and fuzzy logic of the dreamer.

When seen initially, this piece resembles a turn of the century photographic or medical apparatus. A toggle switch is nestled between vague images of a sleeping and waking face. As the switch is flipped to the sleeper, the interior illuminates to reveal a tableaux of dream states; A wreath of bees frames an image of a couple as a scorpion shadows them, while massed crab claws reach up toward an unseen sky. Cicada carcasses and squirrel paws vignette an auditorium of anamorphic scale and yellow heat. It remains for me one of the most successful pieces of art I've made.



EXTERIOR: Modified sextant box, graphic camera bellows, wood, lens,
etched and oxidized brass, screws, etched and patinated copper, toggle switch, soil.