Commissioned by new-music accordionist Guy Klucevsek for the cover art to the first recording by his 'Bantam Orchestra', a quartet featuring Klucevsek and a string trio (Erik Friedlander, Mary Rowell, Jonathan Storck). Besides composing solo and chamber accordion work, Klucevsek can be heard on recordings by everyone from Laurie Anderson to Bill Frisell and John Zorn.

This CD, entitled 'Citrus, My Love' paired Klucevsek's interest in early American music with the ritual austerity of Japanese court music. Guy hoped to visually convey the disparity of musical styles by creating imagery of Japanese Ukiyo-e scroll painting, but depicting the characters playing the quartet's instruments, all of which are particular to western music: accordion, violin, bass & cello. The subtle visual pun was accented by making the Japanese violinist blond (Rowell, the quartet's violinist, is a tall blond herself).

Besides being notable as the largest piece I've made to date (roughly 3 feet square by 8 inches deep), 'Citrus, My Love' was a true labor of love, as I'd been a long-time follower of Klucevsek and his astonishingly beautiful, humorous and challenging music. And all made on an instrument saddled with massive stigma and disfavor. It was a memorable project for me.


(for Guy Klucevsek) 1995

Mahogany, masonite, bonsai trees, fabrics, hair, basswood, paper, steel, 19th-century tripod, gold leaf, orange, butterfly, moth, lens, text, soil.