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terra POSSESSION. the patriarch's angel THE CONFESSOR. TRUTH. View From a Halting-Place.
untitled (hand) The Voice. One of Them.
Do you know her? untitled (31) The Last Time. To a Wanderer. Curious Incident.
Terra Incognita. The Burnt Pillar.
Missing and Dreaming.
untitled (tri-lens)
Inner Life. Dream-Time. Lightning and a Subtler Flame. The Resurrection Flower.
Sleep and Waking. Utterance. A Visit to Bedlam.
Scene XVII. i know you How He Did It. thought and fancy The Palace Called Beautiful.
untitled (bean pod)
The Healer.
a clean heart.
Wrecked and Rescued.
The Lost Room.
Sowing the Wind.
The Story of An Old Garden. A Perturbed Spirit.
A Man of Bones. The Importance of Little Things. Is it possible? No.43. Nocturnal Mysteries Somebody's Love-Story. The World At Home. affinity The Future Condition of Society.
Compassion. A Little Journey in the World Visible Sound. A Lament. Far From the Land. In Articulo Mortis. Totem Secreto. Reflections - And A Sick Man.
The Chamber of Silence.
Enlarging the World.
Blue Sky Somewhere.
Buried Sunlight.
Drinking a Tear.
Lo Bue / Gill Barnes Collaboration 1 Truth. The Story of a Bad Bird.